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From Suzhou

Auchan Sliced Beef with Vermicelli Pot 300g

1.Chop beef and marinade shredded beef in light soy sauce,cooking wine and a little cornstarch.

2. Soake vermicelli until soft and tear black fungus into small pieces.

3.Stir fry the ginger and shallots to make it smell good when the oil is heated to 5 min.Immediately put black fungus and shreded beef in.stir for a while and pour water in.

4.Pour the mixture into the casserole and add vermicelli,cabbage,flammulina,velutipeschopped pepper as well a little soy sauce.

5.Braise for 5 minutes and add salt ,cooking wine and chopped green onion to season.At last dish up.

This dish could warm our stomache and is very suitable for winter.Beef is rich in protein.In addition It contains low fat and can improve disease resistance.


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